Perseids meteor shower in Oslo

Tonight I sat on my balcony at 4 a.m. The sky was clear, myriads of stars twinkled. And then suddenly I saw Perseids meteors – some of them just felt down rapidly, some moved across the sky – I saw an eartgrazer – long , slow colourful meteor travelling across the night sky.

I found it a beautiful sight – and I made some wishes for me and people close to me, even if  I didn’t feel it was necessary – the sky itself hold a promise of harmony and of everlasting love.


I am proud of you, Oslo

Today is 22nd of July. It was 4 years ago that a terrorist attack hit Norway.                 I remember that day. I was then in the centrum of Oslo with my young guests from Warsaw.

On 25th of July I participated together with 150  thousands people in the ‘Rose March’ People of Oslo responded  to terror by showing solidarity with the victims.

Norwegians didn’t react blindly  to terror , they responded to it.

Some people mean that reacting is emotion driven, while responding to conversation, discussion, or situation is more driven by logic. I don’t agree. I think, that the real difference is in being more conscious of underlying emotions, more aware of them, and in  having an ability to respond with love and integrity.

Oslo did that . And I am proud of it.

Reflection on questions

Nobel Prize Winner, Wislawa Szymborska wrote in her poem “List”:

” I’ve made a list of questions, to which I no longer expect answers,                  since it ‘s either too early for them, or I won’t have time to understand”

These lines resonate with me: so many questions are still on my mind.             But perhaps because I am much younger then she was when she wrote it I am still looking for some answers. And if i can’t obtain them by communicating with others, reading, making research I try looking in the stars and contacting intuitive people. It helps sometimes. Other times I find that the answers don’t really matter. It is the process of wondering and searching that opens you to new insights and new possibilities. It gives you new understanding, new perspective.

Rediscovering Summer Norway – the Mystery of a Seagull Egg


So I have tasted a seagull egg – a delicacy in some countries. I didn’t know it was  a delicacy. It came from Northern Norway, from Tromsø with pristine waters and fabulous nature. Never been there, I saw only photos and read stories about that area. For me, seagull eggs remind me of my first summer in Norway some 35 years ago – lazy sunny days in Tjøme filled up with boat trips along costal rock slopes, green blue waters, and the scream of seagulls.

The egg tasted like breath of fresh sea air, and brought with it a promise of new beginnings and of new discoveries.